Usable is more than just a community, it is our safe place.

Our conversations go beyond look & feel - aesthetics. Together, we explore topics around design thinking, the business impact of design, inclusive design, promoting UX talents and recognizing adjacent UX career paths including UX Researcher & Copywriting.

Usable is more than just a community, it is our safe place. We are humans who meet up monthly to talk about UX design and everything related to it: interaction design, visual design, and user research, sketching and prototyping. We are a community of 2000+ members with over 40 meetups in two cities; Lagos and Abuja. We have mentorship programs designed to help you hone your skills, navigate your career and build your network. We are interested in design but more than that we come together to learn and share.

Our community

Our community is open to designers, user researchers, copywriters, accessibility experts, and other design-minded people - Humans 😃

Regardless of your experience level, you are welcomed here. Our goal is to learn from each other, share best practices and design patterns, and collaborate to solve challenges.

Join our communty for access to:

Curated events (meetups & workshops)

Get invited to participate in community events such as meetups, and upgrade your skill by participating in one of our targeted workshops.

A diverse network

You’ll join 2000+ other Humans with diverse backgrounds and career paths. This is a great opportunity to learn something new & collaborate.


Get access to mentors through our mentorship program. If you want to help others kickstart their career as a mentor, send us a quick email.

Talk to us

We are a group interested in accelerating design education. Please reach out to us if you have questions, want to collaborate or support our work, interested in a partnership or just want to say "Hi".

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